Welcome to AFEG Association

Who are the members of the AFEG association?

Only individuals are members. The AFEG Association is non-threatening to unions and their locals and does not look to replace the primary relationship of union members with their locals.

Non-union employees are a target. They have needs, want to know what is happening. They need information on the issues, but many because of their position as supervisors, managers, special classes are left without a source they can interact with. The only exception are the “scabs” (non-union members in crafts that they should be members of the locals we work with directly).

Membership consists of Federal, Postal Employees, and “TE’S”, plus retired and former government employees are included. The encouragement of non-union members such as supervisors and managers that because of their relationship with unions they do not wish or may not become members to any union. The members of the AFEG association are individuals who additional belong to any local of the AFGE, ICE, APWU or NALC.

Providing employee advocacy by making members aware of issues of concerns. Communication is the difficulty within any group. 

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